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Service Regions

Service Regions map

Branch/Office Service Regions
National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area Chiayi County, Chiayi City, Tainan City, Pingtung County, Taitung County, And Penghu County
Chiayi City Branch East And West District of Chiayi City
Chiayi County Branch Taibao City, Fanlu Township, Shuishang Township, Zhongpu Township, Dapu Township, Alishan Township, Puzi, Budai Township, Yizhu Township, Lucao Township, Liujiao Township, Dongshi  Township
Xinying Branch Xinying District, Baihe District, Yanshui District, Shanhua District, Houbi District, Dongshan District, District, Liujia District, Guantian District, Xiaying District, Danei District
Tainan Branch East,South,North,West central And Anping District of Tainan City
Pingtung Branch Pingtung City, Jiuru Township, Ligang Township, Gaoshu Township, Yanpu Township,Changzhi Township, Linluo Township, Wandan Township, Majia Township, Sandimen Township, Wutai  Township
Taitung Branch Taitung City, Beinan Township, Luye Township, Yanping Township, Guanshan Township, Haiduan Township, Chishang Township, Donghe Township, Chenggong Township, Changbin Township, Taimali Township, Jinfeng Township, Dawu Township, Daren Township, Lanyu Township, Ludao Township
Penghu Branch Magong City, Huxi Township, Baisha Township, Xiyu Township, Qimei Township, Wang-an Township
Minxiong Office Minxiong Township, Dalin Township, Xikou Township, Meishan Township, Xingang Township, Zhuqi Township
Annan Office Annan District
Xinhua Office Xinhua District, Xinshi District, Yongkang District, Rende District, Guiren District, Guanmiao District, Longqi District, Zuozhen District, Nanhua District, Nanxi District, Yujing District, Shanshang District
Jiali Office Jiali District, Madou District, Xuejia District, Beimen District, Xigang, Qigu District, Jiangjun District, Anding  District
Donggang Office Donggang Township, Xinyuan Township, Kanding Township, Nanzhou Township, Liuqiu Township, Linbian Township, Jiadong Township
Chaozhou Office Chaozhou Township, Neipu Township, Zhutian Township, Wanluan Township, Xinpi Township, Fangliao Township, Laiyi Township, Taiwu Township, Chunri Township
Hengchun Office Hengchun Township, Checheng Township, Fangshan Township, Manzhou Township, Mudan Township, Shizi Township
Last updated:2022-09-01