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  Established in 1992, the National Tax Administration of Southern Taiwan Province(NTAS) was currently one of the three national tax administrations in Taiwan Province, under the supervision of Ministry of Finance. Outside Taiwan Province, there are two national tax administrations for Taipei and Kaohsiung, the cities directly governed by the Executive Yuan. Prior to 1992, collection of national taxes in Taiwan areas had been delegated to local tax agencies. From then on,NTAS is responsible for collection of profit-seeking enterprise income tax, individual income tax, commodity tax, estate tax, gift tax, securities transaction tax, and future exchange tax. Effective January 2003, NTAS also takes charge of collecting business tax.

  In 2011,Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax has being levied. From January 1,2013. The NTAS changed the name to NTBSA i.e. the National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area.

Last updated:2024-05-09