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Location (Site Map, Floor Guide, Address and Phone Number)

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Floor Guide


  • 各樓層配置表 Floor Plan
  • 南區國稅局
    National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, M.O.F.
  • 17F 講習教室/查帳室/第三會議室
       Classroom/Auditors/Conference Room III 
  • 16F 法務組(行政救濟股)/主計室
       Legal Affairs Division (Administrative Remedies Section)/Accounting and Statistics Office
  • 15F 主任納保官室/法務組
       Chief Taxpayer Ombudsman Office/Legal Affairs Division
  • 14F 銷售稅組
       Sales Tax Division
  • 13F 綜所遺贈稅組/徵收及資訊組(欠稅清理及執行股)
       Individual Income, Estate and Gift Tax Division/Collection and Information Management Division (Tax Arrears Clearance and Enforcement Section)
  • 12F 營所稅組
       Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax Division
  • 11F 人事室/監察室/政風室/哺(集)乳室
       Personnel Office/Investigation Office/Civil Service Ethics Office/Breastfeeding Room
  • 10F 局長室/副局長室/主任秘書室/第一、二會議室
       Director-general/Deputy Director-general/Chief-Secretary/Conference Room I, II
  • 9F 綜合行政組/圖書室/藝文展覽區
       General Administrative Division /Library/Art Exhibition Area
  • 8F 秘書室
  • 7F 徵收及資訊組
       Collection and Information Management Division
  • 6F 總局電腦教室/臺南分局檔案室
       Computer Laboratory/Archives of Tainan Branch
  • 臺南分局各樓層配置
    Tainan Branch, NTBSA
  • 5F  銷售稅一課(營業稅)
       Sales Tax First Section (Business Tax)
       Sales Tax Second Section (Business Tax, Tobacco and Alcohol Tax, Commodity Tax, Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax)
       Taxpayer Rights Protection Consultation Room
  • 4F  服務管理課(租稅教育及宣導、欠稅管理、總務)/國稅藝術走廊
       Service Section (Tax Education and Publicity, Arrears Settlement, General Affairs)/Art Corridor
       Director/Secretary, Taxpayer Ombudsman/Auditor/Personnel Section/Accounting and Statistics Office/Civil Service Ethics Section/Conference Room
  • 3F  營所遺贈稅課(營利事業所得稅、遺產及贈與稅)
       Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax and Estate & Gift Tax Section (Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax, Estate and Gift Tax)
       Individual Income Tax Section (Professional Practice and Other Income Investigation , Withholding and Non-withholding)
  • 1F  聯合服務中心/全功能櫃檯/愛心服務檯/總收文
       Joint Services Center/General Services Counter/Courtesy Service/Mail
       Individual Income Tax Section (Collection)/Tax Payment
  • B1  哺(集)乳室
       Breastfeeding Room
  • B2  大禮堂/停車場
       Auditorium/Parking Lots
  • B3B4 停車場
       Parking Lots
Last updated:2023-08-03