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No. Title Publish time
1 Uncollectible Bad Debt Losses from the Securities Transactions Attributed to the Loss of Tax-exempt Income 2022-09-12
2 Commission Listed as an Expense Needs the Fact of Brokering 2022-09-12
3 Expenses or Compensation Incurred in a Car Accident Without Insurance Coverage Could Be Declared as Other Expenses or Losses by Profit-seeking Enterprises with the Required Documents. 2022-08-03
4 The Amount of Foreign Tax Credit Shall Not Exceed the Limitation 2022-08-03
5 The List Price Set by a Business Entity for Taxable Goods or Services Shall be Inclusive of the Business Tax 2022-08-03
6 Up to NT$2,000 in Commodity Tax Reduction for Purchase of New Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Dehumidifiers. 2022-01-04
7 Profit-seeking Enterprises Declaring a Special Social Entertainment Expense for Export Trade Shall Earn the Foreign Exchange Receipts. 2022-01-04
8 Constituent Entities of Multinational Enterprise Groups Shall Submit Master File or Country-by-Country Report within One Year after the End of the Fiscal Year. 2021-11-09
9 A Company or Limited Partnership Using a Certain Amount of Its Undistributed Earnings to Make Substantial Investment Can Benefit from Tax Incentives. 2021-11-09
10 Reminders When Applying for Tax Payment Certificate (English or Chinese) for Individual Income Tax. 2021-10-04
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